SQL examples for DB2 and SQL Server databases:

These are my quick and easy guides to using SQL - the Structured Query Language.

These guides assume no previous experience of writing SQL Queries and are suitable for the novice or infrequent SQL user. They are based on a simple data model comprising four database tables with a small set of sample data. Each guide is split into 22 topics running to over 70 SQL examples. They can be used as a quick reference or can be read topic by topic as a self teach tutorial.

Please follow the links below.

 Transact SQL for SQL Server databases
 SQL examples for DB2 and UDB databases

Terms and conditions for use:

These SQL guides are free for public access. The guides describe how SQL can be written within the scope of the specific examples presented and do not represent any advised or recommended solution to any particular SQL query or data access or database performance problem. Use of this material may not be construed as a contract, either implied or otherwise, between any third party and Gatebase Limited.

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