What does a Database Administrator do?

The DBA role can cover all of these areas:

Data Modelling

  • Preparation of Entity Relationship Diagrams.
  • Normalisation of data.
  • Design of Primary and Secondary Keys.
  • Design of Data Integrity and Referential Constraints.

Logical to Physical Database Design

  • Design of Physical Storage, Tablespaces and Containers.
  • Design of Tables, Primary Indexes and Foreign Key Indexes.
  • Data Clustering and Partitioning.

Database Implementation

  • Database Configuration, Backup and Recovery.
  • Management of Database Privileges and Authorities.
  • Loading of Physical Data and Reorganisation.
  • Database Statistics.

Database Support

  • Helpdesk support to IT Staff and Users for database issues.
  • Analysis of Data Access Strategies.
  • Monitoring Database Activity.
  • Database Performance Tuning.

Data Mining and Business Intelligence

  • Design of Management Information System Databases.
  • Support for all aspects of Structured Query Language - SQL.
  • Support to Users for Ad Hoc SQL Queries.
  • Creating and testing complex analytical queries.

Promotion and Education

  • Promotion of Design Solutions to IT and User Departments.
  • Presentations to IT Staff, Users and Management.
  • Creation and Delivery of training to IT Staff and Business Users.

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