Harry Swindells

Career Summary

My background is in application development where I worked as a programmer and as an analyst programmer. With the arrival of structured methodologies and corporate data models I started to specialise in data modelling and database design. The transition to relational technologies saw this role expand to cover all aspects of database management on IBM mainframes with DB2, and on MS Windows DB2 UDB and SQL Server version 7 onwards.

The database applications I have worked with range from single user package solutions to enterprise systems. These include operational databases for call centre systems and large data warehouses for business intelligence solutions. My responsibilities include disaster recovery testing and SAS-70 security audits, both of which have become high profile areas for many organisations recently.

My experience is people based as well as technical. I have participated in system design workshops with business users, and presented user education sessions. I have also provided professional development training to IT colleagues on relational databases and SQL.

Skills and Experience

Data analysis, Logical data modelling, Normalisation, SQL queries
Physical database design, Database implementation and configuration
Backup and recovery, DR Testing, Log Shipping to standby servers
Integrity checks, Index maintenance, Referential integrity
Database security privileges, System Stored Procedures
Very Experienced
Performance monitoring, Execution plan analysis, Profiler tracing
SQL installs and patching, Cluster management
User stored procedures, database triggers, XML
Database replication, database mirroring, Analysis Services
Good Knowledge

Platforms and Systems
MS Windows:
SQL Server 7 to 2008, MS Office, Visual Studio, DB2 UDB

Recent Employment

Vertex Data Science supporting mortgages business process outsourcing.
HP for Bank of Ireland financial systems database administration.
EDS supporting Department of Work and Pensions ACCORD project.
NFU Mutual and Avon Insurance Group supporting business intelligence databases.

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